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Requirements for the design of scientific articles for publication in the national edition of the Bulletin of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine:

 Scientific articles should comply with the resolution of the Presidium of the High Attestation Commission of Ukraine No. 7–05 / 1 of January 15, 2003 “On increasing the requirements for professional publications included in the lists of the HAC of Ukraine” (as amended).

 General requirements for the structure of scientific articles:

 · Statement of the problem in general form and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks;
 · An analysis of recent research and publications that have begun to address this issue and which the author relies on, highlighting previously unresolved parts of the general problem that the article is devoted to;
 · Formulating the goals of the article (setting the task);
 · Presentation of the basic material with full justification of the obtained scientific results;
 · Conclusions from this study and prospects for further exploration in this area.

 Requirements for the text of scientific articles:

 · Article volume (article title, author information, article text, sources used, abstract, keywords) within 10 pages (Nimes New Roman; size 14; interval 1.5);
 · In the upper right corner of the cover page - name (s) of the author (co-authors), academic degree, academic title, honorary title, position and place of work of the author;
 · Below - Universal Decimal Classification Code (UDC Article);
 · Below is the title of the publication, centered on the page and bolded;
 · References to the sources used are in square brackets, indicating the source number and specific pages, e.g.  [1, p.  25-26].
 The names of the sources are given at the end of the article in the order mentioned in the text (section "List of sources used");
 · In the list of sources used should indicate: for periodicals - the name and initials of the author of the article, its title, title and year of publication, number, pages;  for books - name and initials of the author, title of the book, city, publishing house and year of its publication, total number of pages of the publication;
 · Annotations (6-8 sentences) and keywords (4-8 words) in Ukrainian, English should be provided for the article.  Annotations are placed after the list of sources used and should include, in particular, the name, surname, patronymic of the author, the title of the article (extended abstract - 2 pages in foreign language is submitted for publication on the site of the publication).Requirements for submitting materials to the editorial board:
 · A printed copy of the scientific article signed on each page by the author;
 · Electronic version of the article;
 · Electronic photo of the author (s) of the portrait version in JPEG format, photo size minimum 10 × 15 cm, 300 dpi;
 · A certificate about the author (co-authors) in electronic and hard copy, the sample of which is available on our site;
 · If the author does not have a scientific degree, a scanned color copy of the review and an excerpt from the minutes of the meeting of the relevant department (department) on the recommendation of the article to the press are additionally submitted;
 · Persons holding a Ph.D. degree submit a scanned color copy of a review by a department, scientific department or doctor of science in a relevant specialty.

 Materials: article;  author references are sent by mail and their electronic versions are sent to: (hidden)
 File names should include the author's first name (for example: Ivanov article - doc; Ivanov photo - jpeg; Ivanov help - doc).
 The Editorial Board reserves the right to review, edit, shorten (with the consent of the author) and reject articles.
 The stated requirements for the articles should be strictly observed, otherwise the article is rejected.
 The authors of the publications are responsible for the accuracy of the facts, quotations, proper names and other data.
 Address: Kyiv, str.  Evgeny Sverstiuk, 15, room 801.


•• for publication of a scientific article up to 10 pages - 345 UAH or 540 UAH with the receipt of the author's copy;

•• for employees of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine - 240 UAH or 300 UAH with receipt of the author's copy;

•• for posting an advertisement - 540 UAH for 1 magazine page (the price includes 1 free copy) .__

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