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Nation-wide scientific and practical professional the Byulleten Minyusta Ukrainy magazine 20 years (till April of the 2019th it was given under the name "bulletin of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine") were executed. The state enterprise "Assessment and Information,Centre State Enterprise" of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine issues the magazine.

№6 20-year anniversary of the magazine for our collective the real holiday. To sustain such long publishing marathon is a special joy of creative achievements. To achieve certain success that chasopis some of the main legal editions had to work much. The bulletin was based according to the order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine of December 28, 1998 No72/5 and the first issue of the magazine was issued in July, 1999. Sp_vzasnov mi the magazine, except the Ministry of Justice, there were Institute of the state and right of V.M. Koretsky NAN of Ukraine and Institute of the legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine subsequently. In 2019 functions of the founder were transferred from the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine to the state enterprise "Appraisal Center and Information".

The edition both for employees of the Ministry of Justice, and for the state and public figures, scientists-jurists, representatives of mass media and business community intended. It was printed chasopis at first quarterly, and since the beginning of 2003 according to the order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine became the monthly edition, having received title. Then it was approved also editorial board and the structure of scientific council. In June, 2003 the magazine was included by the resolution of presidium of the Highest certifying commission of Ukraine in the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine at which also results of researches on a competition of academic degrees of the doctor and candidate of science can be published.

Since then chasopis captured the relevant subject the most part of rather wide legal sphere. The main vector, of course, devoted to activity of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The magazine practically became the chronicle of formation and reforming of Ministry of Justice at the time of independence and invaluable archive of this treasure. For these years the ministry accumulated wide experience according to the rule of law. In particular, during the last time the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine lifted a level of the pravnicho ї activity to new higher level. Many new initiatives of the Ministry of Justice are successfully realized and directed to improvement of institutes of the democratic, constitutional state. In particular, such projects as the pravoprosvitnitsky project "I Have the RIGHT!", projects on realization of norms on protection and protection of the rights of the child "Chuzhikhd_teynebuva є", "Stopbul_ng" deserve great attention and promoting, say. Also such directions as providing free legal aid, introduction of service of a probation, the new project "Family Advisers" and so forth enjoy wide popularity. A number of projects are at a discussion stage. Multivector fruitful activity of the ministry and, in particular, a question of providing legal aid to citizens, increase in legal literacy of the population, level of awareness of Ukrainians on the rights and mechanisms of their protection will also be lit further on pages of the Byulleten Minyusta Ukrainy magazine.

For these 20 years the editorial office of the magazine accumulated considerable creative experience. Though improvement does not have a limit. Performances and an interview of the leading lawyers and the famous scientists, reports and photo reports from important actions, publicistic and scientific articles which cover and analyze problems yuris prudents і ї, according to readers, certify interesting creative search of our workers in this direction. "Became stronger" also editorial council the edition. Heads of Ministry of Justice headed by the Minister of Justice of Ukraine, the leading lawyers, experts, outstanding scientists, heads of some legal highest institutions of education enter it.

As publishers, we try to maintain also in compliance scientific and practical orientation of the magazine, to balance optimum interests both practicians, and scientists. The base of the magazine - a combination of theoretical bases of the right to practice of application of the Ukrainian legislation. Therefore it is pleasant that young and famous scientists choose our edition for the press in it own interesting scientific research and innovative offers, place reviews and discuss the most acute legal issues. About it as speak, figures eloquently demonstrate: Within 20 years chasopis published nearly 3 500 scientific articles. More than a half of their authors - candidates and doctors of jurisprudence. At the same time it is submitted "the bulletin of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine" on the "Nau of a Kov Periodical Press of Ukraine" platform in National library of Ukraine of V.I. Vernadsky, and in the nearest future it will be entered also in the register of metadata of CrossRef thanks to what search and uses of scientific materials which are published on pages of the edition will significantly become simpler.

By the way, the foreground in perfect realization of scientific subject should be given to our cofounders - Institute of the state and the right of V.M. Koretsky of NAN of Ukraine and Institute of the legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Dobor of subject, Avtura lies on shoulders of the famous lawyer - the head of department of the theory of the state and the right of Institute of the state and the right of V.M. Koretsky of NAN of Ukraine, the doctor of jurisprudence, professor, the academician NAPRN Ukraine, the honored lawyer of Ukraine, the editor-in-chief of the Byulleten Minyusta Ukrainy magazine Natalya Nikolaevna Onishchenko. Her high authority and professional level, of course, affect also increase in rating the edition. During Natalya Nikolaevna's work on the editor-in-chief post the Byulleten Minyusta Ukrainy magazine became the present to the Messenger on publicizing of right educational activity of judicial authorities in Ukraine. From all our collective we express to Natalya Nikolaevna sincere gratitude and respect!

It is necessary to mark out also those who professionally and honestly work on each issue of the magazine. It is an editor of publishing department, and since July, 2015 and the responsible secretary of editorial board of the magazine, the member of the Writers' Union of Ukraine Tatyana Kryzhanovskaya, the expert on stars "yazk_v with the public and the press, the invariable press photographer of the edition, the honored journalist of Ukraine Albert Pogonya. By the way, for conscientious performance of labor ob "yazk_v, and on the occasion of 20-year anniversary of the magazine our enterprise noted high professionalism their certificates of honor. Hot topics the editions interesting to an interview with the famous lawyers of the country and public figures is a merit of our journalist Oksana Vlasenko. Marina Guza works on modern design of the magazine, interesting supply and imposition of material.

Therefore, to the 20 anniversary the Byulleten Minyusta Ukrainy magazine as nation-wide scientific and practical editions, "grew up", accumulated experience and is an example of high standards in the area. We seek to be improved also further. The thematic directions testify to new at least such headings as "modern justice of Ukraine", "In justice focus", "Independent legal consultation". Also we continue to acquaint readers with modern researches in the field of the constitutional, family, ecological, administrative, financial, criminal, international law. Except distribution of legal knowledge among the population also we try to head for increase in professional level of experts in the field of the right, to provide dialogue between judicial authorities and the public. Our pages are always open for interesting interviews with the famous lawyers of Ukraine, statesmen in the field of law, theorists and practitioners of the legal sphere. We are always ready to cooperation and constructive proposals.

Deputy director of GP "Appraisal Center and Information" with publishing house Oksana KOTLYAR

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